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Ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer spectrophotometer
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Narrowband filter

Borisun Optics is an enterprise specializing in the production of medium and high-end filters, Downstream manufacturers are all over the country, and their products are

antireflection film of filter
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Selection of antireflection film of filter

Borisun Optics provides antireflection coating service for optical elements, which can greatly improve optical efficiency by increasing transmission. Most antireflection coatings are very durable and

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How to choose fluorescent filter?

The principle of selecting fluorescent filter is to let the fluorescence/emission light pass through the imaging end as far as possible, and completely block the

optical filters
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Function of infrared filter

Infrared filter refers to the dark red filter used for infrared photography. Even if the color is not too dark, it will have a corresponding

optical laser lenses
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Protection and cleaning of laser lenses

It is the most important to keep the laser lens clean. Clean the lens carefully with good cleaning habits to reduce or eliminate pollution caused

laser focus lens
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Laser lens

Laser lens plays an important role in the laser system. The change of laser light path is realized by the refraction of the lens. Function

beam splitter
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Operating principle of beam splitter

The splitter is used for DVD/VCD laser reading, DLP/LCoS projection display, optical instruments, optical communications, and industrial cameras. The splitter reflects part of the incident

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