Since established, Borisun optics has provided a full range of optical design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly services to its global customer base. We use leading professional optical design software, such as ZEMAX, thin film Calc and solid works, to provide customers with lens manufacturing, optical coating and complete optical design consulting services.

Our optical system solutions can be applied to many different fields such as Machine Vision, Laser Material Processing, Defense and Research.

We can provide DFM (design for manufacture) input on optical designs from the very beginning stages to volume production, in order to provide our customers with the ultimate market advantage.

To give us:

Specs; Space; Weight limitation; Input signals; Output signals; detects & Environment requirements

We will offer:

Physical model; System/component design; Manufacturing; Assembly; Alignment till complete products to meet all your specs. From prototypes to mass production.

                              All IPs are your properties.

                              Lectures of optics are available on requests.


Manufacturing & sourcing General optical components services

  • Optical Spherical lenses
  • Optical Cylindrical lenses
  • Optical prisms
  • Optical windows
  • Optical mirror
  • Optical filters
  • Optical Beamsplitters
  • Optical Waveplates
  • Optical Polarizers
  • Colorless optical glass series code: QK; K; PK; BaK; ZK; LaK ;KF; QF; F; BaF; ZBaF; ZF; LaF; ZLaF; TiF; TF
  • Colored optical glass: ZWB; ZB; QB; LB; HWB; FB; BB; HB; JB; CB; AB1…AB10
  • Irradiation resistant optical glass: K509…
  • Ultraviolet infrared glass: UV; RG
  • Optical quartz glass: JGS1; jgs2; jgs3
  • Optical crystal: sapphire(Al2O3); Calcium fluoride(CaF2); Magnesium fluoride(MgF2); Barium fluoride(BaF2); Zinc sulfide(ZnS); zinc selenide(ZnSe)…
  • Outer diameter: 3-500mm

  • Shape: round, square, oval, special-shaped, off-axis paraboloid

  • Dimensional tolerance:±0.01~±0.05mm
  • Surface quality:10/5 ~ 80/50
  • Surface accuracy(/inch):λ/4~λ/10

Optical coatings services

Borisun’s world-class coating design engineers and technicians work closely with our metrology and optical manufacturing team to create a “one-stop shopping” advantage for our customers. This simplifies your supply chain and reduces project risk and overall schedule. Select a vertically integrated manufacturer when it is critical that the substrate meets all requirements after coating is applied.

  • Protected and enhanced metals (gold, silver, aluminum)
  • Inconel, chrome, nickel, and titanium
  • Multi-layer custom dielectric designs
  • UV to MWIR spectral range (248 nm to 5 µm)
  • Broadband (BBAR), single or dual band, plus custom designs
  • AR coating over EMI gridding
  • High LIDT, including femtosecond laser applications
  • Filters
  • Beamsplitters

Optical design services

Borisun Optics Co., Ltd. provides customers with optical system design and special industrial lens customization services.

1. Traditional optical system (microscope, telescope, photography, projection optical system)

2. Special optical system (laser scanning, telecentric measurement, machine vision optical system)

According to the product characteristics of users, flexible cooperation mode is adopted, and proofing and trial production can be carried out on behalf of users. The design of products is confidential for users.

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