Optical Windows

The optical window is used to separate the environment on both sides, such as separating the interior and exterior of the instrument, so as to isolate the interior and exterior of the instrument from each other, so as to protect the internal devices. Window slice is a basic optical element and an optical flat plate. It will not change the optical magnification and only affect the optical path in the optical path.

Important parameters of window slice: transmittance, surface accuracy, thickness, parallelism, base material and other attributes. Window slice suitable for parameters can be selected according to specific application. We provide high-precision window slices of various materials, such as zinc selenide window slice, germanium window slice, silicon window slice, barium fluoride window slice and calcium fluoride window slice applied in infrared spectrum band; Fused quartz window and sapphire window used in ultraviolet spectrum; K9 window film applied in visible spectrum band, etc. At the same time, the optical window is customized according to the specific needs.

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