Plano Convex Cylindyrical

K9 Plano convex cylindrical lens can turn the light emitted by a luminous point into a line. The surface light can be generated by placing two Plano convex lenses perpendicular to each other or in the intersecting direction. The total focal length is the sum of each focal length.

The flat convex cylindrical lens focuses only in one direction and has no focusing function in the other direction. The overall dimensions of the flat convex lens are similar, but it is similar to the spherical lens only in one section. In order to reduce the spherical aberration, when the collimated beam converges into a line, the parallel light should be incident on the surface of the cylindrical mirror.

Compared with spherical lens, cylindrical lens is more difficult to manufacture. We will reasonably select materials (texture, bubbles, impurities, uniformity), pay attention to the factors affecting the scattering (scratch, dent, gloss), grinding.

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