Spherical Mirrors

Plano concave spherical mirrors, or Focusing mirrors, are often used in applications that require light collection. In addition, since focusing mirrors do not introduce chromatic aberration, they are well suited for use in imaging systems. When light reaches the surface of a concave mirror, the surface profile of the mirror focuses the reflected light on a single point. Shenyang Yibet Optoelectronics offers a variety of focusing mirrors that use a variety of metal reflective films, or spherical surface profiles or parabolic surface profiles. Metal reflective films include aluminum films or gold films. Aluminum reflective films are ideal for enhancing reflection of wavelengths of ultraviolet or visible light.

High-precision spherical mirrors are often used in the interference zero-position measurement optical path of the reflected wavefront of quadratic curved mirrors. They are the core inspection tools for high-precision aspheric mirror processing and directly determine the surface accuracy of the quadratic curved mirror to be processed. They use classical polishing, high-precision ion beam polishing and other technologies, with mature processing technology and high technical indicators.

concave mirror 1
concave reflective lens

Concave Reflector Processing Technical Parameters

Material substrate glass, metal, microcrystalline
Processable size 3mm-1000mm
Diameter tolerance ±0.02mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.02mm
Surface Accuracy λ/10, λ/8, λ/6
Surface Quality 60/40; 40/20; 20/10; 10/5
Eccentricity ±30 Arc Seconds
Effective aperture >90%
Coating Customized design Dielectric reflective film, aluminum, gold, silver, according to your requirements

Typical Reflective Curve for metallic mirror Coatings

reflective mirror curve
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