Biconcave Cylindyrical

Combined with the flat convex cylindrical mirror, it can be used to shape the elliptical beam of semiconductor laser into a circular beam. Biconcave cylindrical Lens can be used in projection system, imaging system, optical instrument and laser measurement system.

Cylindrical flat concave lens has chromatic aberration, and the focal length changes with wavelength.
The flat concave cylindrical mirror has concave curvature in the vertical direction and no curvature in the horizontal direction. Their edges are round, so they can be easily combined with other elements in the optical system.
Flat concave cylindrical mirrors are usually used to convert collimated laser sources into linear light sources. Flat concave cylindrical mirrors are often used in beam expansion applications. Compared with spherical lens, cylindrical lens is more difficult to manufacture. We will reasonably select materials (texture, bubbles, impurities, uniformity), pay attention to the factors affecting the scattering (scratch, dent, gloss), and high-quality grinding.
The light entering the cylindrical flat concave lens has directionality. Be sure to shoot a directional light from the concave side. Otherwise, the spherical aberration will become larger and the optical performance may become worse.
Since there is reflection loss on the front and back of the uncoated lens, the transmittance is about 90%.

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