Spherical Lenses

Spherical lens, a lens with a refractive surface that is spherical or one side is spherical and the other side is planar. A spherical lens can be seen as a collection of infinite prisms, which gradually and uniformly change the degree of refraction of light from the main axis to the edge, thus possessing the function of uniformly converging and diverging light, and the ability to form images. The degree of convergence and divergence of light in a spherical lens mainly depends on the refractive index of the lens glass and the curvature radius of the two refractive surfaces.

According to the shape and function, spherical lenses can be divided into plano convex lenses, plano concave lenses, biconvex lenses, biconvex lenses, meniscus lenses, plano convex cylindrical lenses, circular cylindrical lenses, aspheric lenses, achromatic lenses, double glued lenses, triple glued lenses, etc. The lens has the functions of converging line, diverging light and beam shaping in the optical path, and the plano convex lens/ biconvex lens converges the light; Plano concave lens/ double concave lens will diverge light; Achromatic lens can correct chromatic aberration.

Borisun Optics can provide lenses made of optical glass materials (such as K9, BK7, B270, etc.) for applications in the visible spectrum band, and lenses made of optical crystal materials (such as Zinc selenide, Zinc sulfide, Calcium fluoride, fused silica, etc.) for applications in the near-infrared/infrared/ultraviolet spectrum band. Lens products are widely used in optical imaging, laser detection, Optical communication, life science, optical lighting and other related fields. Borisun Optics is a manufacturer has a large inventory of standard lenses that can be supplied from stock or customized according to your application needs.

Small and Medium-sized Spherical Optical Components

Product parameters:

Diameter: φ10-200mm, small lenses or balls with a diameter less than 10mm can also be customized
Surface Accuracy: PV: ≤ λ/15, λ=632.8nm; RMS: ≤λ/30-λ/100, λ=632.8nm
Center Deviation: 0.01mm 
Surface Roughness: ≤0.5nm
Surface Cleanliness: 60/40; 40/20; 20/10; 10/5

Big Size Spherical Optical Components

Product parameters:

Diameter: φ300-1500mm
Surface Accuracy: PV: ≤ λ/10-λ/2; λ=632.8nm; RMS: ≤λ/10-λ/70, λ=632.8nm
Center Deviation: 0.01mm 
Surface Roughness: ≤1nm
Surface Cleanliness: 60/40-20/10

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