Plano Concave Lenses

Plano Concave Lenses convert a beam of parallel light into divergent light, which is focused in the opposite direction at the virtual focal point of the flat concave lens. The focal length is negative, with one side being a plane and the other side being a concave. A flat concave lens can diverge a collimated beam from the virtual focal point and is typically used in Galilean beam expanders. When using, the concave surface should face the direction of the incident light and the plane should face the focal plane to be processed. Flat concave lenses have negative focal length and negative spherical aberration, which can be used to offset the aberrations of other lenses in the system.

Borisun Optics Keping provides flat concave lenses without coating and coated with Anti-reflective coating, which can meet your different applications in different wavebands. Anti-reflective coating options include UV, VIS, NIR, and SWIR. The coating of the flat concave lens is a double-sided Anti-reflective coating, which can greatly reduce the reflection of the surface of the element and increase its transmittance.

Borisun Optics provides flat concave lenses with a variety of substrates. K9 optical glass substrates are suitable for visible and near-infrared applications, germanium, silicon, Zinc selenide, Calcium fluoride substrates are suitable for infrared applications, and fused silica is suitable for ultraviolet applications.

We are the factory has a large inventory of standard lenses that can be supplied from stock or customized according to your application needs.

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