K9 Plano concave lens

K9 Plano concave lens
  • The plano concave lens is used to diverge the parallel light outward. The focal length of the flat concave lens is negative and the spherical aberration is also negative. It can be used to correct the phase difference, spherical aberration, coma and distortion of other lenses. Similar to the flat concave mirror, the side is generally opposite to the far object surface or infinity.
  • K9 plano concave spherical lens can see the transmittance of near infrared (350-2000nm).
  • H-K9L (N-BK7) is an optical glass commonly used in the preparation of optical elements.
  • These uncoated plano concave lenses are prepared using H-K9L (N-BK7) conforming to ROHS standard. The collimated beam can converge on the rear focus, or the point light source can be changed into a collimated beam.
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Material optical glass, H-K9L (N-BK7)
Radius of curvature ± 1mm - ± 50000mm ± 1%
Diameter 3mm-300mm ± 0.1mm
Center thickness tolerance ± 0.05mm (we can process to ± 0.01mm with high precision)
Center deviation 3′(we can process to 30 ″with high precision)
Surface accuracy λ/ 8 (high precision, we can process to 1 / 10λ)
Surface quality 40/20 (we can process to 10-5 with high precision)
Effective caliber ≥90%
Coating multilayer antireflective film A:350-650nm B:650-1050nm C:1050-1580nm
spectral curve

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