Flat Mirrors

Flat mirrors, the reflecting surface is a flat, which is a mirror that can be used in a variety of applications, including beam turning, interferometry, or as an optical component in an imaging system. The important parameters of flat mirror are: surface shape and reflectivity. High surface accuracy can reduce the amount of light loss caused by dispersion.

Borisun optics provides mirrors without coating and with reflective coating. The options of reflective coating include ordinary protective aluminum coating, protective ultraviolet reflective aluminum coating, protective silver coating and protective gold coating. Fused silica substrates are suitable for UV applications. We have some ready-made products for you to choose from, and we also accept customization. The technical parameters are as follows for your reference:

Dimension Tolerance (mm): +-0.02mm

Thickness Tolerance (mm): +-0.02mm

Surface Accuracy: λ/10; λ/20; λ/30

Surface Quality: 20-10; 40-20; 60-40

Parallelism: +-30 arc seconds

Effective Aperture: >90%


Coating:According to your requirements

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