Dielectric mirror

Dielectric mirror, habitually called: dielectric high mirror, high reflection mirror, anti laser mirror

Optical index of reflector:

1) Special all reflection type for laser lamp: 0-57 degree incidence, 650nm, 532n, 475nm reflection greater than 99.8%

2) Special for projector and optical instrument: total visible light reflection 400 ~ 680nm, reflection greater than 99.9%

3) All reflection type of ordinary optical instrument: 0 ~ 57 degree incidence, 420m ~ 680nm reflection greater than 99.8%.

Application field: Stage laser light Stage engineering laser high reflection mirror Anti high power laser reflection system High precision optical instrument Digital microscope Laser motor galvanometer Projector optical engine Laser bar code scanner.

optical mirror manufacturer
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Product index customizable
Reflection band 400-1100nm Customizable
Reflectiveness >95%; >97%; >99%
Coating Aluminum coating, UV reflective aluminum coating, silver coating, gold coating
Reflection angle 0° 30° 45° 57°
Materials optical glass, H-K9L (N-BK7)
Surface quality 60-40 40-20 20-10
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical Mirrors according to customer requirements or drawings.

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