Protection and cleaning of laser lenses

optical laser lenses

It is the most important to keep the laser lens clean. Clean the lens carefully with good cleaning habits to reduce or eliminate pollution caused by human factors, such as fingerprints or spittle. As a general knowledge, when operating the optical system by hand, you should wear finger cots or medical gloves or dust-free gloves during cleaning, disassembly and installation. Always follow the requirements and precautions for cleaning the lens. Do not use any tools to operate the laser lens, including tweezers. For the purpose of protection, optical elements shall always be placed on the provided lens wiping paper. During cleaning, only specified materials can be used, such as optical lens wiping paper, cotton swab reagent grade ethanol, etc.

Cleaning, disassembling and installing the laser lens will shorten the service life of the lens and even cause permanent damage. After confirming that a certain lens is polluted, it is better to blow the lens with an ear wash ball until there is no dust on its surface. Never blow directly with your mouth, because most of the air blown out is oily, and water will further pollute the lens. If dirt still exists on the surface after ear ball treatment, we must use a special cotton swab dipped in acetone, and gently wipe with ether mixture, so that most of the pollutants can be removed.

The pollution of the laser lens in the equipment will have a serious impact on the laser output power, and even cause serious errors to the data acquisition system. If we can keep the lens clean regularly, it will undoubtedly extend the service life of the whole machine.

I. Cleaning and maintenance of focusing lens

The focusing lens material is ZnSe or arsenic zincate, which is brittle and fragile; Attention shall be paid during disassembly: do not use too much force or collide with hard objects. There is an antireflection film on the surface, which is afraid of pollution, moisture, oil and scratch; Therefore, it is required to provide dry and degreased air in the work. Please use the recommended cleaning equipment and cleaning methods when cleaning.

2. The equipment must have enough air pressure during operation. Before work, put your finger into the optical outlet (air nozzle) of the focusing lens to check whether there is gas blowing out? Is the air pressure sufficient?

3. Before starting the machine for the first time every day, please take down the lens barrel with the focus lens and observe whether the focus lens is polluted. The cleaning principle of the focusing lens is: do not clean the lens without pollution, and clean the lens in time if there is pollution!

4. Cleaning steps:

① Loosen the fastening screws and take down the air nozzle and the lens barrel in turn; First, use the blowing balloon to blow away the dust on the lens surface;

②. If the lens really needs to be cleaned, only a laboratory grade paper soft cotton ball can be used, dipped with an appropriate amount of acetone or high retention alcohol, and gently rotated clockwise from the center of the lens to the edge. Both sides of the lens need to be cleaned when necessary, and they should be carefully scrubbed.

③ Install the lens barrel and air nozzle, adjust the focus, and tighten the fastening screws.

5. If the focusing lens is too seriously polluted or cannot be effectively cleaned for a long time, which makes it impossible to clean, or if the antireflection film on the focusing lens falls off, the focusing lens needs to be replaced.

6. Generally, the focal length of a 2-inch focusing lens (reflected in the distance from the upper surface of the workpiece to the bottom of the air nozzle) is about 6-7mm. The user can obtain the most appropriate focal length after adjustment according to the actual situation.

7. Keep the focus lens clean, which is a strong guarantee for cutting and carving ability and effect.

8. When installing new laser lenses for new equipment, do not press the lenses with force, which will cause serious damage to the optical lenses.


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