K9 aluminized dot beam splitter

  • For dielectric film beam splitter, the reflectivity of polarization component P is always lower than that of S component. This effect is more obvious in cubic beam splitter.
  • In applications requiring high polarization, metal coating beamsplitter should be selected.
  • The aluminized lattice beam splitter has a wide wavelength range and is insensitive to the incident angle. The beamsplitter coating is light in weight, moderate in price and relatively easy to make.
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Material optical glass, H-K9L (N-BK7)
Surface quality 40/20- 60/40
Effective aperture 85%
Parallel error <1 arc minutes
Reflected light offset 90 °± 5
Dimensional error +0.0/- 0.1mm
Bevel 0.2x45 °
Coating Aluminized, transparent hole 0.25mm lattice
Spectral ratio(R/T) ±5%@350-2000nm
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical beam splitter according to customer requirements or drawings.

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