What is semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirror?

Semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirror, commonly known as spectroscope, is mainly used in electronic products such as mirror TV, car rearview mirror, digital photo frame, etc. It can penetrate half and reflect half, and has the characteristics of low absorption. Because many metal substances have high reflective properties in the infrared spectrum range, such reflective devices are very suitable for the infrared spectrum. It is an optical element that is coated with a semi-reflective film on the optical glass to change the original transmission and reflection ratio of the incident beam. It can increase transparency and light intensity through coating, and can also increase reflection and reduce light intensity. Semi-reflective and semi-transparent means that the transmittance and reflectivity of the film are 50% respectively. When the light passes through the film, the transmitted light intensity and the reflected light intensity account for 50% respectively! However, different reflectivity can be selected according to specific needs, which is collectively referred to as “half reflection and half transmission”.

At present, in the field of some precision optical instruments, there is a great demand for the use of visible semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirrors, because the coated semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirrors can meet the requirements of precision optical instruments. Usually 45%~70% of the visible light transmittance is required, and its transmittance should be gradually increased. However, the existing visible semi-transparent and semi-reflective glasses have unstable transmittance effects. In addition, semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirrors are also used in the field of machine vision. Such as lasers (blue light, green light, red light lasers), digital microscope optical spectroscope, biological microscope, fingerprint recognition machine, optical detection instrument, etc.

The manufacturing process of visible light semi-permeable and semi-reflective mirror includes placing the transparent glass substrate in the precision vacuum coating machine, setting the film thickness parameters, and finally forming 18 layers of coating through vacuum coating. After coating, in the visible light band of 380-780 nm, the transmittance of semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirror is between 45% and 70%, and the transmittance of semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirror increases steadily. It can meet the requirements of semi-transparent and semi-reflective visible light for precision optical instruments. It also has a large application space because of its good optical transmission and reflection properties, and is widely used in optical equipment, lenses, interior rearview mirrors and display screens, holographic projection screens and other fields. The semi-reflective semi-lens produced by Ruicheng Optoelectronics can customize the spectral ratio according to the requirements of customers, and can meet the requirements of precision optical instruments. Because of the extremely high production requirements, it requires a high cost.

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semi-transparent and semi-reflective mirror


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