Secrets of military optics and shortwave pass filters

shortwave pass filters

Shortwave pass filter:

cutting off the high frequency is the shortwave pass filter. Usually, it has two meanings. One is to filter out the light with high light frequency or wave length, and the other is to filter out only the light with high spatial frequency of the image and let the light with low spatial frequency pass through.

Military optics:

military optics began with the invention of telescope. The telescope is the backbone of military optical instrument, including binocular telescope, command mirror, periscope, various gun sight, etc. The reversal of the telescopic light group is the searchlight, signal light, infrared light telephone, infrared photoelectric report, etc. that sends light to the distance. Photoelectric conversion devices, such as night vision, may also be used. Photoelectric tracker, space remote sensing CCD camera, thermal imager. Military surveying and mapping instruments include laser autocollimation theodolite, level, steering wheel, ground photography, aerial photography, infrared photography, photo interpretation, etc. In addition, the dial and fluorescent reticle of the luminescence meter are also in use. It also adopts the “dead light” weapons that have begun to show signs under research, multispectral scanning cameras and interference imaging spectrometers on military reconnaissance satellites, high-speed tracking photography and laser signal simulators.

Blue reduction:

yellow. The mixed color of red and green is subtractive

In mixing, it is often called subtractive blue as a subtractive primary color.

Less green:

magenta. The mixed color of red and blue is called subtractive green as a subtractive primary color in subtractive mixing.

Red reduction:

also known as green. Used in subtractive blending to subtract only red from white light.



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