980nm shortwave pass filter

980nm shortwave pass filter is used in application fields: environmental protection detection, medical equipment, stage lighting, fluorescence analyzer, enzyme marker, cable TV upgrade equipment, wireless transmission equipment, mobile phone bar code scanning, infrared electronic whiteboard, infrared camera, infrared touch screen, iris recognition, infrared medical instruments, infrared ink recognition, red film recognition, face recognition sensor system. Hand held infrared laser rangefinder, laser rangefinder, optical instrument, testing instrument.

980nm filter
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Center wavelength 980±5nm
Incident angle
Transmission wavelength 400nm-975nm
Peak transmittance > 90% (according to customer demand)
Product size 3mm-80mm (customizable)
Cut off wavelength 985nm-1100nm (according to the customer requirements)
Cut off depth >OD4-OD6 UV-NIR
Product material optical grade glass (K9, BK7, B270, d263t, JGS1, color glass, float glass, etc.)
Surface quality national standard grade III /American Standard 60-40
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical filters according to customer requirements or drawings.

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