What small details should be paid attention to in the ordinary use of long wave pass filters

longwave pass filters

Long wave pass filters are inseparable from our lives. Today, let’s take a look at the filters in our lives and where they are? For example, there are antireflection filters on myopia lenses for correcting eyesight, high reflection filters on automobile reflectors, and a variety of filters are integrated into the core components of projectors widely used in business and office. Many monochromators, one of the core components of biochemical detectors used for physical examination in hospitals, use long wave pass filters. Long wave pass filters, short wave pass filters and various optical instruments are used in digital cameras, Liquid crystal display, anti-counterfeiting technology, optical communication, laser technology and so on are inseparable from the development of filter technology. It can be said that without the development of filter technology as the basis, many modern emerging technologies are difficult to achieve the current achievements.

All optical elements are precision instruments, especially the long wave pass filter, whose surface is easy to be scratched. Improper cleaning and storage may damage the surface of the filter surface, reduce its application performance and shorten its service life. Therefore, the correct maintenance method is very important.

Now let’s talk about the small details that should be paid attention to in the normal use of long wave pass filters with optical glass as the substrate material:

1. In the process of normal use, it should be taken and placed as carefully as possible, and pay attention to the external environment to avoid the zipper and button of clothes scratching the filter, or put the filter in a dirty or dusty environment.

2. Wear a finger cover when contacting the filter to avoid the salt and acidic substances on your hand corroding the surface of the substrate.

3. When taking the filter, hold the edge of the filter by hand, and do not touch the light transmission surface of the filter even with a finger cover.

4. The filter should be placed on a soft and clean object, not on glass, metal, table or unclean paper.

5. Store it in clean capacitor paper or lens cleaning paper. The storage temperature shall be kept at about 23 ℃ and the humidity shall not be higher than 40%. It’s better to put it in a dry storage cabinet.

6. When there are stains on the surface, clean it immediately. Because the dust is easy to scratch the surface, and if the acid left by fingers stays too long, it is easy to react with the surface coating material and become a stain.

7. If there are stains or finger marks on the surface, it can be wiped with absolute ethanol or similar functional solvent. The specific method is as follows: put a dust-free finger cover on your fingers, wet the towel with absolute ethanol, drag the edge of the towel soaked with ethanol, and move in a single direction on the surface of the filter. During the wiping process, try to use light force as much as possible. Too much pressure may damage the filter surface. The purpose of using solvent is to dissolve the viscous attachment in the residue on the surface of the filter. However, it is worth reminding that any cleaning may reduce the surface grade at the micro level.

8. Do not stack the filters together to avoid wear.

In addition, the maintenance methods of different long wave pass filters should depend on the product type and the nature of nursing needs. The above methods are only for optical glass and are not completely applicable to long wave pass filters made of plastic and other substrate materials.




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