What band filter is used for LiDAR on Apple phones

Band filter, Every year near September, there is a lot of news exposed about Apple’s new phones, and recently there have been industry reports that Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro max this year will incorporate LIDAR lidar functionality. We believe that Apple phones add LiDAR is mainly designed to enhance the camera’s ability to detect targets in video and night scenes, as well as to enhance the camera’s autofocus function.

Firstly, let’s understand the technology of LiDAR. We can understand the time between the detection light filtered out by LiDAR through specific filters from the transmitting end to the detected object being re emitted back to the receiving end, thus obtaining a specific distance detection technology. Compared to traditional camera sensors for detection, LiDAR has higher accuracy.

LiDAR was originally a military technology and has developed rapidly since it was introduced into civilian use in recent years. For example, many LiDAR sensors are included as detection terminals in the commonly heard autonomous vehicles. Currently, the new iPhone 12 Pro max has not been released. Currently, LIDAR LiDAR generally uses near-infrared light with filter wavelengths between 800nm-1550nm as the emission light source, which is relatively safe for the human eye in this range.

We combine the commonly used LiDAR filter solutions for unmanned car LiDAR on the market, and we believe that the main focus is on

905nm filter for LiDAR

940nm filter for LiDAR

1550nm filter for LiDAR

Choose a mature LDAR LiDAR filter solution among them.

Colored glass fliter

Of course, it may not be the DAR LiDAR filter solution mentioned above, but we at Nahong Optoelectronics can customize and produce the mobile LiDAR filter solution you need according to customer requirements. Contact us to provide you with the high-quality filter you want.

Advantages of Hanzhong Borisun Optics: Currently, Hanzhong Borisun Optics has established cooperative relationships with multiple mainstream domestic laser radar manufacturers. In the application field of LiDAR filters, the filters of Borisun Optics meet the balance between cost and performance of mass production LiDAR filters, with high imaging accuracy and fast supply cycle of filters.


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