905nm bandpass filter

905nm filter is suitable for lidar. The maturity of lidar technology will be directly related to the future prospect of automatic driving.

905nm band-pass filter is an optical scheme used in MEMS solid-state lidar in China

The lidar light source used with 905nm band-pass filter has a detection distance of more than 200m. At present, more manufacturers are still digging 905 η M-band performance.

The reasons why the laser radar uses 905nm filter as the laser light source are as follows:

1. The laser technology of 905nm wavelength has developed rapidly. At present, there are many mature technical schemes.

2. The laser beam emitted by 905nm filter propagates stably in the air

3. At present, compared with the laser with 1550nm filter as lens, 905nm laser has lower cost

black absorbing glass filter
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Center wavelength 905nm+-5nm
Incident angle
Half peak bandwidth 35nm-50nm
Peak transmittance > 90% (according to customer demand)
Product size 3mm-80mm (customizable)
Cut off wavelength 200nm-1100nm (according to the customer requirements)
Cut off depth >OD4-OD6 UV-NIR
Product material optical grade glass (K9, BK7, B270, d263t, JGS1, color glass, float glass, etc.)
Surface quality national standard grade III /American Standard 60-40
spectral curve
Laser filter
Laser filter manufacture

In addition, We can customize the optical filters according to customer requirements or drawings.

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