Use and Storage of Optical Elements

bk7 optical lens

1. Try to use optical elements in a clean and low dust environment. Since the grease on the hands or skin will pollute the optical elements, when taking the optical elements, wear dust-free gloves or finger covers, and do not directly contact the lens surface.

2. The optical element is very stable under normal environment, but the surface may be blurred after being exposed to high temperature and humidity for a long time. Under the condition of high intensity and long-time illumination (especially under the condition of strong ultraviolet radiation), the optical elements may undergo qualitative change. Under this condition, they need to be checked regularly or replaced regularly.

3. If it is placed for a long time, mildew may occur. Therefore, when optical elements are not used for a long time, they should be placed in a dry and clean container for storage.

4. When there is dust on the surface of the optical element, it will cause the dust to scorch when encountering the high-intensity laser, resulting in the failure to remove the stains on the surface of the element. Therefore, in order not to stick dust on the optical surface when not in use, it is recommended to put the cover in the box. In addition, before using the optical element, it is recommended to use the compressed air tank for cleaning or remove the dust on the optical element by cleaning.

k9 optical lens


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