Selection and maintenance of 10000 watt high-power cutting head

Selection and maintenance of high-power cutting head

一、 Model selection of 10000 watt cutting head

1. Lens ratio: 100/200 or adjustable zoom lens ratio is recommended for the collimation and focus lens ratio of the ten thousand watt cutting head (the thickness of the ten thousand watt fiber laser cutting plate covers a wide range, and the focus adjustment range is wide).

2. Connector model: At present, the mainstream of output head of 10 MW fiber laser is Q+and QD, which should be consistent when selecting cutting head.

二、 Installation and maintenance of 10000 watt cutting head

1. Installation environment and requirements

Environmental requirements: 1000 and above dust-free room or dust-free workbench

Tools: microscope with a power of more than 100

Auxiliary accessories: anhydrous alcohol or IPA, cleaning cotton swab, dust-free cloth, masking tape, a complete set of hexagonal socket, screwdriver, art knife

Other requirements: 1. Before installing the output head of the 10-megawatt fiber laser into the cutting head, make sure that the internal cavity and lens of the cutting head are clean, and the crystal and periphery of the laser output head are clean; 2. The installation of the output head of the 10-megawatt fiber laser into the cutting head and the inspection of the cleanliness must be carried out in a dust-free environment of more than 1000 levels, and the microscope inspection of more than 100 times should be used.

Installation process: ensure that the inside of the cutting head is clean → take off the metal protective shell of the laser output head → fix the laser output head horizontally and align it with the microscope → clean the periphery of the laser output head → take off the crystal protective ring of the laser output head → adjust the microscope to make the crystal end surface clearly visible → carefully check the entire crystal end surface, and if there is dirt, Wipe clean with cotton swab dipped with sewage alcohol → ensure that the laser head crystal is crystallized, insert the output head into the cutting head transversely → lock the cutting head, and seal the connection with adhesive tape → install the cutting head to the cutting machine, run at high speed, check whether there is dust falling on the lens through the laser red light → ensure that the cutting head is installed and receives the alarm before outputting laser cutting.

2. Maintenance matters

(1) Before using the cutting head, it is recommended to wrap a layer of adhesive tape around the cutting head (use to tear off the adhesive without residue) to prevent dust in the gap from entering the cutting head during later maintenance;

(2) In case of dirt or damage on the internal lens of the cutting head, it is recommended to replace it. It is not recommended to take it out for cleaning to avoid secondary and more serious pollution;

(3) In addition to replacing the lower protective lens, the cutting head can be operated on the cutting machine. The upper protective lens and the collimating focusing lens must be replaced in a dust-free environment above 1000 levels;

(4) For the inspection of the lens of the cutting head, first use white paper to check whether there are black spots on the red light of the optical fiber laser, then use low-power laser, use black photosensitive paper to check whether there are spots on the light spot, and finally take out the lens for inspection under the microscope.

三、 Test process of Wanwa cutting head

Whether the follow-up calibration is normal → → whether the focus adjustment is consistent with the monitoring actual focus → whether the actual focus is at the ± 1mm focus position → → whether the temperature of the lens and cutting head is stable, whether the lens has thermal lens, and whether the cutting effect is consistent → → whether the cutting effect of plates of different thickness and different materials is normal.

四、 10000 watt cutting head cooling

1. Cooling configuration: the diameter of the water pipe output from the water cooler to the cutting head must be greater than the diameter of the water cooling interface of the cutting head( φ 8mm), water flow ≥ 4L/min, water temperature 28~30 ℃.

2. Water flow direction: high temperature water output of water cooler → output head of 10 MW fiber laser → cavity of 10 MW cutting head → high temperature water input of water cooler → bottom cavity of 10 MW cutting head.

3. Cooling scheme: since there is no cooling device at the bottom cavity of some brands of cutting heads, it is recommended to install a water cooling module to ensure long-term stable processing and avoid the influence of high cutting head temperature on follow-up.


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