980nm Narrow Band Filter

980nm narrow band filter is suitable for 980nm semiconductor laser surgical laser lens

Application scope of 980nm laser filter matching equipment: used in medical institutions for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in urology.

980 nm laser can be absorbed simultaneously and balanced by water and hemoglobin. Compared with the breakthrough of only absorbing laser for water or hemoglobin, it has the best tissue cutting effect and the best hemostatic effect. The clinical manifestations are the fastest vaporization without bleeding, cutting soft tissue, less bleeding, clear surgical vision and so on.

In the water environment, the working range of 980 nm red laser surgery system is within 2mm of the front end of the optical fiber, and the tissue outside 2mm away from the front end of the optical fiber will not be damaged, so the operation safety is quite high. Realize non-contact cutting and hemostasis, and realize hemostasis in various ways by adjusting the distance between the optical fiber head and the target, so as to achieve the real purpose of treatment.

The medical instrument with 980nm laser filter has fast cutting speed and stable laser energy;

The medical instrument with 980nm laser filter has good hemostatic effect, and can realize point-to-point hemostasis or non-contact hemostasis

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In addition, We can customize the optical narrow-band-pass filters according to customer requirements or drawings.

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