640nm Narrow Band Filter

640nm visible narrow band filter is one of the optical application schemes of laser ranging filter. Compared with photoelectric rangefinder, laser rangefinder can not only work day and night, but also improve the ranging accuracy due to the characteristics of good monochromaticity and strong directionality of laser and the semiconductor integration of electronic circuits.

1064nm filter manufacturer
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Center wavelength 640nm+-2nm
Half peak bandwidth 35nm
Peak transmittance > 90% (according to customer demand)
Product size 3mm-80mm (customizable)
Incident angle
Cut off wavelength 200nm-1100nm (according to the customer requirements)
Cut off depth >OD4-OD6 UV-NIR
Product material optical grade glass (K9, BK7, B270, d263t, JGS1, color glass, float glass, etc.)
Surface quality national standard grade III /American Standard 60-40
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical laser filters according to customer requirements or drawings.

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