Preliminary steps of high power laser lens processing

From China’s first 2200W fiber laser cutting machine to the first 8000W fiber laser cutting machine, and from 10000W and 1400W to the 25000 W ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine at the recent first show of the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich.

With the continuous improvement of the power of the fiber laser cutting machine, the required laser cutting head should also be continuously improved. The main composition of the laser cutting head is the effect of the laser lens. Today, I will introduce all the steps of laser protective lenses produced when the laser lens is at high power;

1. Laser cutting includes laser protection lens and laser focusing lens. The laser protective lens is a biplane, and the laser lens is a lens with curvature.

The first choice for laser protection lenses and lenses is imported materials from Germany, which are cut to the desired size – after checking the characteristics of the material – preliminary grinding – imported polishing – testing the accuracy of the surface shape – testing the aperture – testing the transmittance of the white film – testing the smoothness – finally plating the high power film system – measuring the actual reflection curve of the coating – completing the shipment.

2. Each of the above steps should be strictly implemented, otherwise there will be many situations under the high-power laser, such as heating, alarm, lens burning and other factors.

3. The higher the power, the higher the requirements for lenses. At present, it is mainly aimed at customers who need it


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