Silicon (Si) Optical Flat Window

K9 optical window



  • Silicon material has good thermal conductivity, low density and high hardness, ranging from 1 to 7μm has good light transmittance. Monocrystalline silicon is usually used for 3-5μm medium wave infrared optical window and optical filter substrate are also common materials for laser mirror substrate.

Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Material Silicon (Si)
Radius of curvature ± 1mm - ± 50000mm ± 1%
Diameter 3mm-300mm ± 0.1mm
Center thickness tolerance ± 0.05mm (we can process to ± 0.01mm with high precision)
Center deviation 3′(we can process to 30 ″with high precision)
Surface accuracy λ/ 2
Surface quality 60/40
Effective caliber ≥90%
Coating According to the custom requirements
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical window according to customer requirements or drawings.

For details, please consult:

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