Main application fields of dichroic mirror

A dichroic mirror is also called a dichroic mirror, RGB combination mirror. Second, it is widely used in the fields of projectors, optical instruments, laser equipment and scanning instruments. Its characteristic is that the design wavelength divides the light into transmitted light or reflected light, and almost completely transmits the light at the transmission wavelength. For the light with another reflection wavelength, it is almost completely reflected. The dichroic mirror has high reflectivity for the beam below the cut-off wavelength, and high transmittance for the beam with high medium wavelength. The characteristics of the product applied to the stage light filter are that the absorption of the small four, three and small Chen Xiao film is stable, the penetration rate is high, the reflection efficiency is high, the color is clear, and there is no stray light, which is convenient for equipment installation and debugging.

Generally speaking, the dichroic mirror needs to separate the light source from a specific spectrum at a 45-degree or large-angle incidence, and change the direction of part of the spectral light path is commonly used in the enzyme-labeled instrument, fluorescent microscope system, projection light engine system, laser lamp, and optical instrument beam splitting. It can effectively reduce the structure of the device and realize multifunctional optical path. High-performance filters control the pomegranate yellow film with advanced design technology and coating process, which has high transmittance, high cut-off depth and wavelength accuracy in the industry, including the number of sirus ions. The technology of depositing hard film also makes the filter have the characteristics of long service life and high batch stability. It has been widely used in biological fluorescence system, Raman system, quantum radar communication and other precision optical systems.

In some cases, it is called dichroic spectroscope or dichroic mirror, which has wide transmission and reflection range and steep transition zone, and is suitable for fluorescent imaging or spectral classification. It is a good supplement to the high transmittance filter. It is applicable to fluorescence imaging, which is very sharp because of the continuous conversion from reflection band to transmission. Reflection, wave and transmission are constantly expanding. The dichroic mirror integrates the functions of light filtering, beam splitting and beam combining. The original material of the dichroic mirror is generally ultraviolet fused quartz. The average transmission value of the two design working bands is generally greater than 95%, and the average reflection value is also generally greater than 95%. Different from long-wave pass filter and short-wave pass filter, it is most suitable to be installed in a 45-degree mounting frame considering the best incident angle. In LBTEK’s concept system, dichroic mirror is reflection capture. Laser transmits white light to CCD.

dichroic mirror

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