Is the camera a convex lens or a concave lens

Camera is a kind of equipment that uses the principle of optical imaging to form images and use negatives to record images. It is an optical instrument for photography. So is the camera a convex lens or a concave lens? Let’s look at the solution.

Is the camera a convex lens or a concave lens

1. The lens of the camera has convex lens and concave lens, which is a combination of convex lens and concave lens. The overall synthetic effect is a convex lens. The convex lens can gather the physical image to the other side of the lens to form a real image, so as to expose the film or electronic photosensitive elements, but the concave mirror cannot.

2. The lens in the camera uses optical glass with different refractive index to make convex lens and concave lens respectively and combine them. The convex lens turns the dispersion on and the concave lens pulls the dispersion back (positive and negative effects). Therefore, later camera lenses were all made of a combination of convex lens and concave lens.

3. For example, the Kirk lens used in seagull 4 is composed of two convex lenses and a concave lens in the middle (called three lenses and three groups of lenses). This is the simplest and well-known asymmetric positive light lens.



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