GDTB bandpass filter

GDTB bandpass filter

Bandpass filter has a wide bandwidth

Glass with obvious cutoff at short wave and long wave

Their spectral characteristics

From the maximum value of transmissivity (TM)

And its wavelength( λ M) Location


Short wave cutoff wavelength

Long wave cutoff wavelength

And half band degree

Application of Broadband Filter

In the practical application of optical engineering

Not all places need band-pass filters

All hope that the narrower the passband, the better

There is also a need for broadband filters

For example, automatic dimming mask for welding protection

It is required to use a piece that is transparent to visible light

Bandpass filter for UV and IR depth cutoff

Application of Narrow Band Filter

For a long time, F-P interference type membrane

As the only way to obtain narrowband pass filter

It is widely used in optical waveband

DWDM in optical fiber communication in recent years

Dense wavelength division multiplexer technology

Using F-P interference optical ultra narrow band filter

Expand the channel capacity of a single fiber

Application of optical ultra narrow band filter

And manufacturing technology to a new level

Common indicators of Narrow Band Filter

Material Colored optical glass

Surface quality 60-40 or better

Areal accuracy λ/ 2 or higher

Peak transmittance 20%~65% (standard conditions)

Dimension tolerance ± 0.1mm

Thickness tolerance ± 0.05mm


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