820nm Narrow Band Filter

The 820nm half bandwidth 20nm narrow-band filter is also often used in the solution of license plate recognition filter used in residential areas or underground parking lots. It mainly needs to meet the following parameter indexes and high transmittance, so that the license plate can be recognized more accurately. The cut-off depth meets the requirements, shields the interference of stray light, and the half bandwidth meets the design requirements, because in the use scene of license plate recognition, Many license plates from different angles will appear in the recognition range of MS, and this technical index can be completed to ensure that the conditional half bandwidth design requirements are met

700nm filter
Technical parameters
Items Parameters
Center wavelength 820nm+-2nm
Half peak bandwidth 20nm
Peak transmittance > 90% (according to customer demand)
Product size 3mm-80mm (customizable)
Incident angle
Cut off wavelength 200nm-1100nm (according to the customer requirements)
Cut off depth >OD4-OD6 UV-NIR
Product material optical grade glass (K9, BK7, B270, d263t, JGS1, color glass, float glass, etc.)
Surface quality national standard grade III /American Standard 60-40
spectral curve

In addition, We can customize the optical 820nm filters according to customer requirements or drawings.

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