Do you know cylindrical lens?

cylindrical lens

Introduction of cylindrical lens

Cylindrical mirror is an aspherical lens, which can effectively reduce spherical aberration and chromatic aberration. It is divided into flat convex cylindrical lens, flat concave cylindrical lens, biconvex cylindrical lens, double concave cylindrical lens, meniscus cylindrical lens, cylindrical intersection cylindrical lens and special-shaped cylindrical lens. It has one-dimensional amplification function.

Cylindrical mirror is mainly used to change the design requirements of imaging size. For example, convert a point spot into a line spot, or change the height of the image without changing the width of the image. It can be used in linear detector lighting, bar code scanning, holographic lighting, optical information processing, computer and laser emission. Optical cylindrical mirror is also widely used in high-power laser system and synchrotron radiation beam line. At the same time, the requirements for cylindrical mirror parts are becoming higher and higher, especially in high-precision testing instruments and devices such as cavity plate of high-power laser resonator and long-distance off-line interferometer.

Manufacture of cylindrical mirror

Including rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, centering and edging.



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