Do you know about Plano convex cylindrical lens?

Plano convex cylindrical lens

Introduction to flat convex cylindrical mirror

The plane convex cylindrical lens forms a linear image, which is used to control the size of only one direction of the beam. The material of this lens is BK7, so it is not suitable for ultraviolet wavelength. Compared with spherical lens, cylindrical lens is more difficult to manufacture. Materials (texture, bubbles, impurities, uniformity) should be selected reasonably, and factors affecting scattered (scratches, dents, gloss) should be paid attention to, with high-quality grinding. It can be divided into uncoated and visible band coated antireflection multilayer lens. The design wavelength of the lens is 546.1 nm (E-line of green mercury line). Since the focal length changes with the wavelength, when it is used for other wavelengths, the focal length also changes.

Composition of plano convex cylindrical mirror

It consists of a cylinder and a plane

Principal meridian of cylinder

The cylinder is parallel in the direction parallel to the axis.

The cylinder is circular in the direction perpendicular to the axis and has the largest width.

These two directions become the two main meridional directions of the cylinder.

Optical properties of flat convex cylindrical mirror

As shown in Figure 1, the light passing through the axial meridian (vertical direction in the figure) will not change the degree of convergence and divergence.

As shown in Figure 2, the convergence and divergence of light passing through the refractive meridian (horizontal direction in the figure) will change.

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