Biochemical filter

Biochemical analysis is one of the detection methods often used in clinic. It determines various biochemical indexes through the analysis of blood or other body fluids, such as transaminase, hemoglobin, cholesterol, muscle liver, glucose and so on. Combined with other clinical data, comprehensive analysis can help diagnose diseases, evaluate organ functions, and determine the benchmark of future treatment.

Our company has developed a series of biochemical instruments and special filters for enzyme labeling instruments. It is mainly used in biochemical instrument, enzyme labeling instrument and other biochemical analysis fields. The biochemical filter is composed of dura, with stable spectrum and no drift. The product meets the National Standard JIS standard biochemical filter.

The main filters are: 340nm narrow-band filter, 405nm narrow-band filter, 420nm narrow-band filter, 450nm narrow-band filter, 492nm narrow-band filter, 505nm narrow-band filter, 510nm narrow-band filter, 546nm narrow-band filter, 578nm narrow-band filter, 610nm narrow-band filter, 630nm narrow-band filter and 650nm narrow-band filter

Biochemical filter

In addition to providing standard products, our company can also provide matching biochemical filters according to user needs.


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