Why is the development speed of interference filter getting faster and faster

After the 1980s, with the rapid development of computer technology, the digitization of analytical instruments and the development of chemometrics discipline have been driven. Through chemometrics methods, good results have been achieved in solving spectral information extraction and background interference. By the 1990s, the use of near-infrared spectroscopy in the industrial field was fully expanded. Because of the good transmission of near-infrared light in conventional optical fibers, infrared spectroscopy has been well applied in the field of chemical detection, and has achieved good social and economic effects. Since then, near-infrared spectroscopy has entered a period of rapid development. Therefore, when the interference filter is produced and processed, the future development prospect of the product is also very good.

At present, the domestic production technology and process have been very advanced. It can be seen that during the production and processing of interference filters, very high-quality products can be produced and used as optical elements. It can ensure that its photosensitive effect is very stable, and the accuracy of detection results is also very high. The products produced and processed by many enterprises can not only be recognized by domestic enterprises, but also be very popular in the international market. These products can not only guarantee very good quality, but most importantly, the production cost of the products is relatively low, and the sales price of the products is not high at the time of sale, which has won the recognition and affirmation of many users.

With the continuous progress of modern instrument development technology and the increasingly integration of chemometrics methods, the whole near-infrared spectral analysis system is becoming more and more professional, and the application of interference filters is also increasing. More and more human and material resources are invested in the research and development of products, and more and more professional enterprises are also invested, which has a strong driving force for the development of the entire industry.

Therefore, there are many enterprises that have good prospects for the future development of interference filters. They will also recruit a large number of talents to carry out special research and development, and produce products with better quality and lower price, which can meet the needs of more use of products approved by enterprises, thus bringing greater value to enterprises. In the process of product research and development, we should also consider the problems of mass production and customized product research. For some special enterprises, how to meet the special needs of these special enterprises’ products is also the place that needs attention when developing products.

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