Why do the filter of the beauty hair removal device crack and the film layer peels off

Compared to traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal equipment uses strong pulse light to remove hair through selective photothermal action filtered by a filter. With the continuous progress and development of the social economy, the demand for hair removal technology is increasing, and laser technology is being applied more and more widely in the field of medical beauty.Due to the output being broad-spectrum pulse light, melanin in the hair papilla absorbs light and generates heat, Transfer heat to surrounding germinal cells and cause damage to delay or stop growth in the hair. It has good hair removal effect, minimal damage to human skin, fast repair, and can achieve permanent hair removal.

Filter out harmful short wave light to the skin through specific filters ωυ∽ Band, obtaining specific spectral light waves. Therefore, the filter is the core component of beauty hair removal equipment and photon rejuvenation equipment, and the quality of the filter plays a very important role in the rejuvenation effect.


But some beauty instrument manufacturers or users may encounter situations where the filter lens cracks and the film layer falls off after use. So why does this happen

Hanzhong Borisun Optics tells you that this is because the quality of the filter is not up to standard, and the substrate is inconsistent, resulting in poor physical performance, which cannot withstand the energy of the laser pulse, and causes the facial mask layer on the filter surface to fall off, which will send out light waves harmful to human skin, such as ultraviolet rays, infrared rays of thermal energy, etc. Some people’s skin will feel itchy, red or even burned after use.

The occurrence of these problems will cause endless after-sales problems for beauty instrument manufacturers, reduce their product competitiveness, and also cause potential harm to users.

The beauty hair removal instrument filters and the photo rejuvenation instrument lenses produced by Hanzhong Borisun Optics are all made of internationally recognized optical glass substrate, which can withstand the energy of laser pulses. The optical film on the lens surface is produced by imported optical vacuum deposition machine. With good film firmness and accurate optical parameters, they can solve product quality problems for beauty instrument solution providers and beauty instrument manufacturers, improve product strength and enhance market competitiveness for you.

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