Where are narrowband filters mainly used?

The so-called narrowband filter is subdivided from the pass filter. Its definition is the same as that of the bandpass filter, that is, this filter can allow light to pass well in a specific wavelength. The signal deviating from this band will be blocked. Narrow-band filters are usually all-dielectric filters, which are characterized by high plating difficulty, low yield and high cost. It is one of the key components of DWDM optical fiber communication system. Through in-depth research on the optimization structure design analysis and correction technology of narrowband filters, China has made a breakthrough in the main mode system measurement technology of filters to meet the actual needs of the rapid development of China’s optical communication industry. In order to meet the actual needs of the rapid development of China’s optical communication industry. It has achieved breakthroughs in many fields and established a complete detection system. At the same time, a relatively complete set of optical communication has been formed. The overall performance and production technology of narrow-band filter products have reached the international advanced water level after testing the product quality and trial use by domestic and foreign users.

Various digital and electronic product windows, solar cells, IC packaging, etc. can reduce the impact of stray light or light damage through narrowband filters, reduce the brightness of the sun, moon, and Mars lights, get clearer details, and prevent infrared and ultraviolet radiation from exposing the ccd or hurting the eyes, etc. There is also color separation exposure to eliminate the effect of color difference. Especially in black and white photography, he wrote about various colors of light. Through the three functions of restriction and prevention. Therefore, in black-and-white photography, narrowband filter is actually used to correct the color contrast of the object. It is used to change the color of various objects into their own contrast. The ideal tone requires the color contrast of the object. Narrow-band filters are also widely used in photographic creation, printing and plate making, color photography and amplification, and various scientific and technological photography.

Narrow-band filters are also used in inspection instruments, such as biological detector, enzyme marker, fingerprint recognition instrument, digital imaging, and so on. In addition, it is also widely used in digital imaging, infrared detector, LED liquid crystal display, induction recognition system, etc. Moreover, the application of narrow-band filters is not limited to the fields of high and large scale: celestial physics, plasma detection, chemical analysis, indirect temperature measurement, harmful gas analysis, color measurement, and so on. And the 3D vision system has realized the real meaning of “walking into ordinary people’s homes” with the help of smart phones, virtual reality/augmented reality/hybrid reality, 3D body games, 3D camera and display and other applications.

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