What role does the cut-off filter play?

Cut-off filter is one of the many types of filter, which can green out all the long or short waves from the composite light, while only retaining the filter within the required band range. It is mainly divided into short-wave cut-off filter and long-wave cut-off filter. The former can retain the long wave band and filter out all the light radiated by the short wave band, while the latter can reverse. According to the different mechanism, the cut-off filter can be divided into three types: absorption cut-off filter, thin film interference cut-off filter and combination of absorption and interference cut-off filter. There is a near-infrared cut-off filter, which can ensure that we can perceive the world with the correct color, while Schott’s high-quality filter and blue glass elements can provide excellent visual effect and high near-infrared absorption. In addition, the terminal product can also improve the imaging quality by filtering infrared light, so that the imaging is more in line with the visual experience of the human eye.

The infrared cut-off filter is a filter used for filtering the infrared wave band. It can eliminate the influence of infrared light on imaging by realizing near-infrared light region and cutoff, and is an essential component of high-performance camera. First of all, the infrared cut-off filter has perfect imaging, and can provide customized film filter, polishing substrate, glued filter and framed filter through high-precision production methods. Secondly, it can enhance the field of vision. It integrates them into the image sensor to enhance the viewing effect by producing natural shadows. It also enables digital cameras and high-end smart phone lenses to recognize color in the same way as human eyes. Finally, high-quality filter can withstand harsh environment and provide excellent image quality.

The infrared cut-off filter is irreplaceable for downstream end products, and the product structure of the infrared cut-off filter will be further subdivided with the improvement of the performance of downstream products in the future. CCD or CMOS systems require infrared cut-off filters with higher surface quality, more standardized specifications and lower manufacturing costs. At present, infrared cut-off filters, industrial downstream and consumer electronic products are the main application fields. With the continuous and rapid development of smart phone, car camera, security monitoring, smart home and other industries, the strong market demand for high-definition cameras has greatly affected the market demand of IRCF.

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cut-off filter



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