What role can the attenuator play?

Attenuator is also called neutral density filter. The neutral density force filter fixes the neutral density, and it is a gradient neutral density filter. It is 80% of the attenuation filter. It is a filter that attenuates the light intensity without changing the energy distribution of the spectrum. The neutral density filter can also uniformly attenuate the light intensity resolution in the wide spectral area, and has durable metal. This kind of filter can be used in natural light, laser and other fields. There are two types of film with no hair in the neutral rate: absorption and reflection. However, it is especially suitable for the calibration of optical system for the neutral attenuation of light in a large spectral range.

Generally speaking, the optical fiber used in optical instruments, optical communication, industrial cameras is the communication module, optical fiber end amplification detection I, green light laser module, laser, industrial digital microscope, image processing equipment, etc.

The light can be attenuated by using the absorption characteristics of the material to the light. The weak piece is called the optical attenuator, including fixed density filter, linear gradient density filter, circular gradient density filter and other types. The amount of light passing through the attenuator is related to the type of material and the thickness of the material. For example, the standard transmittance on the attenuator is 0.02, indicating that the light passing through the attenuator only transmits 2% of the original light intensity. A beam of light contains optical neutral attenuators of different wavelengths, which means that after light passes through this attenuator, different wavelengths will attenuate in the same proportion.

Another kind of attenuator is the medium and far infrared attenuator, mainly the medium and far infrared neutral density filter, which can provide multi-band infrared, middle infrared and far infrared neutral density attenuation, and is applicable to the coating type of sapphire, quartz and other materials. It is widely used in scientific research instruments, infrared equipment, scientific experiments and other fields. There is also a high-quality imported attenuator of 400~700nm, which can change the passing rate by controlling the material and thickness, and can be combined to form different attenuation rates. The absorption type non-coated products are widely used, and the optical experiment can act on the basic imaging optics, as well as the absorption type attenuator.

The optical attenuator protects the eyes from strong light stimulation by absorbing the amount of excess light. The optical fiber attenuator protects the optical fiber by working in a specific wavelength range. The neutral density attenuator based on the absorption of light by metal ions has developed into an attenuating fiber with mixed metal ions. Compared with ordinary fiber infants, this attenuating fiber has a fixed attenuation coefficient per kilometer. However, this attenuation coefficient is not calculated in the Gregorian calendar, but in millimeters.

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