What is the use of the iPhone 12 LiDAR scanner?

In the iPhone 12 series mobile phone press conference, I mentioned the addition of LiDAR scanner.As a practitioner in the optical filter industry, I have paid more attention to the concerns such as how much the terminal price is. At 1am Beijing time on October 14, 2020, the highly anticipated iPhone 12 series of smartphones was released. We can see that many people are paying attention to the appearance of the new phone, and are the performance parameters more powerful? How much improvement has the camera made?

Lidar scanning has been studied and applied in the military and intelligent vehicle autonomous driving fields for many years, and is currently a leader in the promotion and application of lidar scanners on mobile phones.

LiDAR scanner

So what are the characteristics and functions of LIDAR scanners on mobile phones?

The DAR LiDAR used in iPhone 12 is likely to use LiDAR components with dToF, combined with the precise scanning characteristics of LiDAR, utilizing d τ The characteristics of 3D recognition and distance perception of objects through technologies such as oF can greatly improve the shooting effect and further popularize the ability of AR applications. LIDAR LiDAR can improve the accuracy of focusing during shooting, achieve more precise focusing and improve focusing speed, and even mobile phones can quickly and accurately complete focusing in dark areas.

Hanzhong Borisun Optics believes that mobile phones and tablets, represented by mobile devices, will increasingly use LiDAR scanner components, further bringing stronger photography capabilities and AR applications. Hanzhong Borisun Optics specializes in the production and manufacturing of LiDAR filters. Currently, LiDAR filter solutions provide customized development and sample production services for military applications and in vehicle autonomous driving LiDAR filters both domestically and internationally. Welcome to inquire


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