What is the function of Vascular filters?

Vascular filter is an optical filter specifically designed for the treatment of blood vessels or sensitive skin in the ultraphoton skin analyzer.

Vascular vascular filters, as the name suggests, are designed to address vascular issues. The main operating range of vascular filters is between 530nm to 650nm and 900nm to 1200nm.

So what is the function of Vascular vascular filters?

Short wavelength optics can target the treatment of shallow vascular lesions. At 530nm-650n, the absorption rates of oxygen, hemoglobin, and reduced hemoglobin are the best, while the competitive absorption of melanin is weaker than that of shallow wavelength, and the effect on blood vessels is more concentrated

Long wavelength penetration is deeper, which can target deep vascular lesions. The penetration is deeper in the 90onm-1200nm wavelength range, and the absorption rate of oxygenated hemoglobin begins to increase again at 9onm. It focuses more on light absorption, improves capillary dilation, improves effectiveness, and reduces adverse reactions.

So based on these two characteristics, Vascular filters can significantly improve capillary dilation. Combining the two bands of treatment results in higher absorption rate and deeper penetration depth, resulting in better results.

(Kind reminder: All skin rejuvenation instruments should be used under the guidance of a professional)

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