What is the difference between laser lens and led lens

laser Quartz Plano Convex Lens

The difference between laser lens and LED dual light lens is actually not big. The lower beam is the light source of LED, and the LED lens is the upper beam of LED if the upper beam is used, but the upper beam of the laser lens is the upper beam composed of laser+LED. The laser lens has one more laser on the upper beam than the LED lens.

1. Different definitions:

The laser lens consists of a laser diode located at the rear of the vehicle; LED lens refers to the lamp which uses LED (light emitting diode) as the light source.

2. Different characteristics:

The laser lens has the characteristics of more energy saving and more fuel saving; Led lens has the characteristics of high brightness, rich colors, low power consumption and long life. The differences between laser lens and led lens are as follows: automobile headlights are also called automobile headlights and automobile LED daytime running lights. As the eyes of automobiles, they are not only related to the external image of an owner, but also closely related to safe driving at night or in bad weather conditions. In addition, the use and maintenance of headlights cannot be ignored.

In general, the laser headlamp lens has many advantages as the brightest lamp at present, and the overall cost will decrease due to the more people installing it. Lixi lights that can accept the budget are still recommended to upgrade laser headlights. After all, lasers have higher brightness and super long range, which will make driving safer.

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