What is special about short-wave pass filter?

The short-wave pass filter belongs to one of the pass filters. There are also long-wave pass filters. Short-wave pass filter is the cut-off filter in the interference filter. The cut-off line filter is divided into long-wave pass filter and short-wave pass filter, and the cut-off is caused by the change of the beam head that requires a certain length range and deviates from this wavelength. We usually call the filter reflecting the short wave area and penetrating the propagation area as long wave pass. Green light is the opposite. The short wave direction is transparent, while the long wave direction is cut-off. It is called short wave pass filter to isolate the long wave. So some short-wave filters can effectively prevent near-infrared radiation. Band light is widely used in various cold light sources, optical fiber lighting, led lighting, metal halide lamp insulation, infrared cut-off filter, optical imaging solutions. In addition, it can also be used as color separators, stage filters, machine vision applications, etc.

Dielectric short-wave pass filter is a kind of filter made of optical coating. It is a reflective short-wave pass filter, usually a pair. The wavelength of transmitted or controlled light shall be selected correctly. It is mainly made of coated quartz glass with different dielectric materials. When the transmittance of the through hole is the largest, it is a high-performance short-wave pass filter. There is a good cut-off at the cut-off point. These filters have a cut-off optical concentration of 40 and a comprehensive transmittance of not less than 91%, which is more suitable for wide application. It can be widely used in fluorescence excitation, spectral measurement and Raman spectroscopy applications. Spectral grouping applications and astronomical observation applications can also be widely used in imaging optical systems and machines. The vision system is used to eliminate the interference light outside the available band, greatly improving the imaging clarity and the sensitivity of the system.

What fields can short-wave pass filters be applied to? As an important optical element, the produced short-wave pass filter has been widely used in the fields of digital imaging, biology, medical beauty and fingerprint recognition, and its characteristics have been fully utilized. Under normal circumstances, filter products are produced according to the customer’s index requirements. The production of short-wave pass filter requires certain parameters and indicators. The general short-wave pass filter product is made of optical glass, and the surface finish is Grade III of the national standard, 60-40 and 40-20 of the American standard. The product size is 3mm~80mm or crystal glass size.

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short wave pass filter


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