What is BK7 glass?

BK7 is the brand of Schott glass factory in Germany, and K9 is the corresponding domestic glass brand. N-bk7 is the glass of German Schott, h-k9l is the glass of Chengdu Guangming, and bsc7 is the glass of Hoya in Japan

BK7 has been used in lenses or prisms since a long time ago. Although there are bsc7 or bsl7 and other models due to different manufacturers, the composition, optical properties, physical properties and chemical properties are basically the same. The invisible region has little effect on the optical uniformity and refractive index of the system. In addition to lenses or prisms, they are also used in most optical elements such as reflector or spectroscope substrates or various coated filter substrates.


Hanzhong Brisun Optics Co., Ltd. Is the high precision optical element manufacturer provides customized production of Various optical lenses, including spherical lens, cylindrical lens, optical window, mirror, prism, filter, metal base mirror and other high-precision optical elements. The base materials include various optical glass, fused quartz, calcium fluoride (CaF2), zinc selenide (ZnSe), germanium (GE), silicon (SI), sapphire, metal and other materials. And provide antireflective film, high reflection film, spectroscopic film, metal film and other optical coatings.

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