What are the different types of optical lenses

1. Colorless optical glass: It has special requirements for optical constants, and has high transmittance in the visible light region, without selective absorption and coloring. According to the magnitude of the Abbe number, they are divided into crown glass and fl stone glass, and each glass is divided into several types according to its refractive index, and they are arranged in order according to their refractive index. It is often used as a optical lenses, prism, mirror, etc. for telescopes, microscopes, cameras, etc.

2. Irradiation resistant optical glass: It has a great absorption capacity for high-energy radiation. There are high lead glass and CaO-B2O2 glass. The former can prevent γ X-ray and X-ray radiation, which can absorb slow neutrons and thermal neutrons, are mainly used in the nuclear industry, medical fields, and other fields as shielding and peeping window materials.

3. Irradiation resistant optical glass: γ “Under irradiation of X-rays and X-rays, the transmittance of the visible region changes less, and the variety and brand are the same as those of colorless optical glass. They are used for manufacturing optical instruments and peeping windows under high energy irradiation.”.

4. Colored optical glass: Also known as filter glass. For specific wavelengths in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared regions, it has selective absorption and transmission characteristics, and is divided into three categories according to spectral characteristics: selective absorption, cutoff, and neutral gray; According to the coloring mechanism, it can be divided into three categories: ion coloring, metal colloid coloring, and sulfur selenide coloring, mainly used in the manufacture of light filters.

5. Ultraviolet and infrared optical glass: It has specific optical constants and high transmittance in the ultraviolet or infrared waveband, and is used as ultraviolet and infrared optical instruments or as optical window materials.

6. Optical quartz glass: With silicon dioxide as the main component, it is characterized by high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength, and good chemical properties. It is used to manufacture prisms, lenses, and windows that have special requirements for transmitting various wavelengths. In addition, there are photomasks, liquid crystal display panels, and thin glass used in the manufacture of large integrated circuits. A magneto-optical glass whose polarization plane rotates when light passes through the glass in the magnetic direction; Light passing through acoustooptic glass in a specific direction can cause diffraction, reflection, convergence, or frequency shift of light when using ultrasonic glass.



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