What are the characteristics of the dichroic mirror?

The dichroic mirror is a special product. In life, it is also called dichroic mirror. It is widely used in the field of laser technology. It refers to separating the light source from a specific spectrum to change the direction of part of the spectral light path when incident at a 45-degree angle or a large angle. It is often used in enzyme-labeled instruments, fluorescent microscope systems, projection light engine systems, laser light optical instruments, beam splitting, video glasses and other sensor systems. It is an optical element that optical designers like very much, which can effectively reduce the structure of the device and achieve multiple functions of the optical path. The biggest feature is that the light of certain wavelengths is almost completely transmitted, while the light of other wavelengths is almost completely reflected, so that relatively high penetration can be achieved, the wavelength location is also very accurate, and the light energy consumption is very small. Therefore, it is widely used in laser technology.

After understanding the dichroic mirror, we will find that in the process of research and development of this product, we need to invest more manpower and material resources. The better the quality of the product, the more stable the use effect of the product when applied to these special industries. The variety parameters of dichroic mirrors in the market are different. When purchasing, you can select the appropriate type according to the use needs to meet the use effect.

In addition, when selecting the dichroic mirror, the price of products of different brands will vary greatly. Whether to choose the more expensive, the better, or the cheaper, the better depends on the actual use effect of the product. For example, the dichroic mirror used in high-precision optical food requires very high quality parameters of the product. If any small parameter fails to meet the standard, the high-precision optical instruments produced will have defects in the use effect. Therefore, even if the dichroic mirror product standards produced by some enterprises can meet the national standards, they cannot meet the use needs of these special enterprises.

Only some professional R&D enterprises with high standards can produce dichroic mirrors that are far higher than the national standards. Only when applied to such high-precision optical instruments can they meet the production standards of high-precision optical instruments. There are even some products of high-precision optical instruments that need special customization to ensure more stable use effect. This is a problem to be paid attention to when purchasing products.

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