What are the benefits of lens headlights?

What are the benefits of lens headlights? Lenses are divided into convex and concave lenses. The function of convex lenses is the aggregation of light, while concave lenses are the dispersion of light. As we all know, automobile headlights can be divided into low beam and high beam. The principle of low beam is relatively dispersed and low intensity compared with concave lens light source. The high beam light is concentrated with a convex lens light source, and the intensity is relatively high. The light emitted by a car with a lens is aggregated, while the light emitted without a lens is scattered and does not shine as far as halogen lamps. Headlamps with a lens type lamp head have advantages such as uniform brightness, strong penetration, and small light loss compared to those with traditional lamp heads.

What are the benefits of car lens headlights:

1. Because the lens has strong focusing ability, using it to illuminate the road is not only bright but also clear.

2. Due to the small dispersion of light, its light range is longer and clearer than that of ordinary halogen lamps. Therefore, it can enable you to see distant things in time and avoid crossing intersections or missing targets.

3. Compared to traditional headlights, lens style headlights have uniform brightness and strong penetration, so they have strong penetration in rainy or foggy weather. Thus, oncoming vehicles can receive lighting information in time to avoid accidents.

4. The HID bulb inside the lens has a lifespan of 8 to 10 times that of a regular bulb, thereby reducing the unnecessary trouble of constantly changing the light.

5. The lens xenon lamp does not need to be equipped with any power supply system, as a true HID gas discharge lamp requires a voltage stabilizer with a voltage of 12V, which is then converted to normal voltage to stably and continuously supply the xenon bulb with light. Thus, it can achieve the function of saving electricity.

Lens headlights add a lens on top of the original headlight, so it does not change the light source, but rather changes the focusing method. However, there is a big difference between adding a lens and not adding a lens. Although general headlights may not require a lens, xenon headlights must use a lens, otherwise lighting and safety cannot be guaranteed. Why do you say that? Please see the following answer:

The light of a car lamp with a lens is aggregated, and without a lens, the light is scattered and does not shine as far as the halogen lamp. However, when modifying a xenon lamp without a lens, it is very unsafe. Due to the inability of a xenon lamp without a lens to concentrate light, the light source scatters and the car facing you cannot see anything. This type of lamp is also very unethical to use on highways.

So far is the benefit of the shared lens headlamp. Generally speaking, the low beam has a lens and the high beam does not, because the low beam is used more often, but on urban roads, the high beam is basically not used. After the low beam is equipped with a lens, the light is more concentrated, and there will be obvious tangents. When you look at it from the opposite side, there will be no dazzling phenomenon. If there is no lens, the light will be scattered, and it will look more dazzling, So the difference between installing a lens and not installing a lens is still very significant.

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