Ultraviolet Filter for Water Quality Analysis in the Principle of Total Nitrogen Online Analyzer

Ultraviolet Filter for Water Quality Analysis in the Principle of Total Nitrogen Online Analyzer- In order to protect the water environment, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of sewage discharge. The design of detection points and the quality of detection instruments (mainly water quality analyzers) play a crucial role in water environment monitoring.

Determine the content of various chemical components in water using chemical and physical methods. At present, the physical methods used for measurement mainly use ultraviolet colorimetry, and ultraviolet filters in water quality analyzers mainly use ultraviolet colorimetry for comparison.

give an example:

Principle of Total Nitrogen Online Analyzer Measurement Principle Total Nitrogen – Standard Test Method: Chemical and high-temperature digestion of water samples, converting nitrogen-containing compounds into nitrate, using UV absorbance method, measuring the absorbance value of the sample after filtering with a 220nm narrowband filter, and calculating the total nitrogen content.

COD (UV), the backend dual beam detector adopts dual wavelength absorbance spectrophotometry (matched with a 254nm ultraviolet filter/a 546nm narrowband visible filter).

The main uses of the water quality analysis total ammonia online analyzer are: widely used in environmental pollution source monitoring, industrial process water monitoring, municipal sewage treatment, secondary pressurized water supply for water plants and drinking water, pump stations, surface water and water treatment systems, etc.

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