The unique characteristics of sapphire window chips become ideal materials for these applications

The optical window slice is used as a viewport to protect optical components, instruments or other components in the laser. In some applications, optical window sheets need to withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide a high level of performance and reliability. Sapphire window chips have many unique characteristics, making them ideal materials for these applications.

Characteristics of sapphire window slice:

1. Synthetic sapphire, the single crystal form of Al2O3, is one of the harder materials (9 Mohs hardness). Due to its structural strength, sapphire window sheets can be made thinner than other ordinary optical window sheets and have better light transmission performance.

2. High thermal stability and excellent thermal conductivity make sapphire window slice suitable for high-power applications. The loss of sapphire windows is less than that of other ordinary optical windows.

3. Compared with most optical window chips, sapphire window chips can withstand higher temperatures and have zero degradation.

4. The sapphire glass window will not darken and lose luster under ultraviolet radiation.

5. Due to the high dielectric constant of sapphire, the sapphire window is very stable and can resist the erosion of strong acid.

6. The sapphire window provides broadband transmission from ultraviolet to mid-infrared (0.15-5.5 µ m).

All these unique characteristics make sapphire window chips an ideal material for extreme mechanical, chemical and optical applications.


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