The spots or stripes on the film layer of the filters generated

Definition and description of filters spots or stripes: When viewed from a non coated surface, there are irregular black spots or stripes on the coated filter surface. Generally, there are phenomena such as mold, paper marks, suction cup printing, tin coating on the original film, and watermarks

Causes: There are many cases of spots or stripes, mainly due to defects in the original film before coating, or improper storage and use after coating.

1. In terms of filter production:

Generally speaking, the production process of coated filters itself does not produce these defects, mainly due to the quality of the original film. For example, the appearance of mold and paper print on the original film that is not fresh; The suction cup and tin contamination brought by the original film itself; Water accumulation caused by poor cleaning of tempered or semi tempered filters; And the original film itself has been contaminated, which may cause spots or stripe defects in the coated filter product

2. Filter storage and installation:

Due to long-term exposure to damp and unventilated environments, or exposure to sunlight and rain outdoors, the filter may also become moldy or deteriorate, resulting in spots or markings

3. Filter film contamination:

Due to improper installation and cleaning, it is also possible to cause local contamination of the filter, resulting in spots or stripes on the filter. In addition, due to the failure of the filter to be cleaned in a timely manner, dirt such as dust and oil fumes can adhere to the surface of the filter for a long time, ultimately resulting in spots or streaks of pollution that cannot be washed off.

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