The reasons for laser protective lens cracking

In daily life, handicrafts and products can be seen everywhere with unique appearance and patterns. Materials include steel, wood, plastic, glass, etc. These pleasing products do not need laser cutting. Laser cutting has the advantages of fast speed, narrow cut, smooth edge, etc. Because of the high price of cutting head, enterprises often add laser protective lenses. On the other hand, while protecting the cutting head, there are also hidden dangers in protecting the lens. In the process of laser cutting machine processing and production, the laser energy is very large, and the temperature is also relatively high. If there is water on the protective lens, the protective lens with very high temperature will burst immediately in the case of water. The reason for the formation of water mist is that in the process of laser cutting machine cutting, the auxiliary gas is essential, among which we commonly use oxygen and nitrogen, and many customers want to save costs by using air cutting, But there is always water mist on the protective lens during the cutting process, and the cutting quality is poor. Why?

First, we should promote the role of auxiliary gas:

1. To achieve better cutting effect.

2. The metal slag is blown away by the gas, while protecting the lens from sticking to the lens.

3. It can effectively achieve the effect of smooth cutting surface without burr and slag. It belongs to fine cutting.

4. It can react with materials and improve cutting speed. For example, using oxygen can achieve combustion effect.

Therefore, in order to achieve better cutting effect, the demand for gas is relatively high! The water cooler can force the compressed air to cool below the specified temperature, and condense a large amount of water vapor and oil mist into liquid droplets through gas-liquid separation to dry the compressed air.

Next, we analyze the reasons for the bursting of the protective lens of the laser cutting machine.

1. Consider whether the auxiliary gas we blow out is pure. Is the pressure up to standard? If it is air, we must check the quality of compressed air.

2. During laser emission, check whether the optical path is offset and other lenses are damaged.

3. Check whether the diameter of the cutting nozzle used is too large.

4. It is necessary to check whether the time structure of all perforations and blow cutting is reasonable.

The burst of the protective lens of the laser cutting machine is mainly due to the above reasons. When any abnormality is found, the fault must be eliminated in time to avoid excessive consumption of consumables. At present, there is an industrial water cooler that can cool the laser body and cutting head at the same time, effectively avoiding the formation of condensed water and better protecting the laser.

Routine maintenance is the key to prolong the service life of laser cutting machine lens. With the help of the water cooler, it also helps to improve the working efficiency of the laser cutting machine. The causes of cracks in the protective lens of laser cutting machine are analyzed.



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