The principle and function of Acne filter

Acne filter in the ultraphoton rejuvenation device, specifically designed for the treatment of various acne, containing 400-6 σσ There are two wave bands, nm and 800-1200nm. The short wave band can cope with Acne Propionibacterium, reduce superficial inflammation, while the long wave band can penetrate the sebaceous glands, inhibit sebum secretion, and thus control oil and treat acne.

Acne propionate bacteria produce photosensitive substances called porphyrins during their metabolism. In the study, it was found that porphyrin has a strong absorption peak in the 400nm-420nm wavelength range, and there are also absorption peaks in different regions such as 510nm578nm. Therefore, scientists have developed Acne filters based on the characteristics of porphyrin. In the 400nm-600nm wavelength range, pure oxygen can be produced to kill Picea acne, inhibit inflammatory factors, and reduce the production of superficial inflammation.

The 8o0nm-1200nm wavelength band of Acne filter has a deeper depth of action and can penetrate into the affected sebaceous glands, inhibiting sebaceous gland secretion (excessive oil secretion on the skin can cause excessive oxidation, thereby exacerbating inflammation) and improving the skin.

Overview of spectroscopic lenses

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